Do you love different types of foods? 

Here’s your chance to slow down, enjoy a great meal, and

connect with people.

The Aloha Table is a place where you can be YOU, where everyone’s welcome to the table, and there’s no agenda. We’re not here to solve the world’s problems, but meeting people of different backgrounds and showing each other compassion and grace helps us connect more deeply with our community. Everyone has value and we want to embrace people from all walks of life.

These dinners take place in a private home with limited seating.   We try to honor the cuisine by collaborating with home cooks well-versed in the flavors and ingredients characteristic of that cuisine. The Aloha Table is an experience of food and culture.  

Our focus is on using the best ingredients we can get source. 

We’ll start the evening with a signature drink and provide lots of non-alcoholic options.  Guests are welcome to bring a beverage of their choice. 

Cancellation Policy 

Tickets are non-refundable. However, if you cannot make your reserved date,
it’s possible we have a wait list and can find someone to come in your place.

What guests are saying about The Aloha Table:


Fun Date Night!

It was very fun and something unique we wouldn’t have normally gotten to experience for date night. The food was fantastic!

-Lisa B.


Energizing Evening

The Aloha Table was really awesome.  The signature cocktail was awesome.  The food was phenomenal.  Making the SPAM musubi was energizing, picture-worthy, fun, lively, right on!

-Beth M.


Great People

What a lovely gathering!  The food was all quite delicious and we even had Paleo dumplings to go along with the traditional ones.  And most importantly, holding true to Dani’s vision for the dinners, the people were the best part.

-Chris L.

Dani is a cooking coach, foodie and adventure lover.  She’s passionate about creating community around real food and providing a space to cook food with others.  She’s a certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  More importantly, she’s a wife and mom of 5 kids with over 20 years of experience cooking for an active family. Dani believes food should taste good and cooking with others is not only fun, but it’s the secret to good health.

Aloha friends!