Kale Salad Was A No-Go

I’m always trying to get my kids to eat more veggies, so one night I thought I’d make kale salad.  

It didn’t go over well.  My husband, the storyteller in the family, took the opportunity to tell us about the time he hid veggies under the kitchen table as a kid.  You know that metal track underneath where you put in a leaf to expand the table?  It made a great spot for those icky veggies.  He got away with it for over a year, until one day, as he pushed icky veggies in, dried up rotten veggies fell out the other end.  Straight into his father’s lap.  Busted!

The Dreaded “K word”

Although it may be a “super veggie,” kale falls into the “icky veggie” category for my family.  If they could shove kale salad under the table they, would.

Instead, they whine and flat out refuse to eat it when it’s on the menu.  Even my husband will give me a look that says, “Seriously? Do I really have to eat this?”  Kale was off the menu for awhile (except in smoothies)…until recently. 

Kale Salad With An Asian Twist

Organic kale from my CSA was plentiful this summer, so after searching Pinterest (my favorite way to get inspired in the kitchen), I decided to try kale salad again—this time with an Asian dressing.  

Testing it out at a Bible study potluck, it got rave reviews, even from my husband!  I knew I had to try it out on my family, and was happy when my teenager had seconds. Asian dressing was what made the difference.  Give it a try and let me know what your family thinks!

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