Have you ever wanted a pick-me-up in the afternoon?

…and wished there was something quick you could pick that would refresh you and actually be good for you?  I think many of us head to Starbucks in search of that jolt of energy. (Anyway, this explains why there’s always a line at the drive thru.) 

But there is a better way to refresh yourself.  I promise.

One way I like to recharge my batteries:

Drinking a green juice or a probiotic drink

A green juice provides you with quick nutrition for your cells.  Making it yourself would be best (of course), and in bigger cities there are some great freshly-made juice options.  In Des Moines, fresh made juice is a little harder to come by.  But we do have a few bottled options.

A word to the wise: read labels carefully because many bottled green juices have a lot of sugar due to high amounts of fruit. Naked brand juice, for example, has 35g of sugar in a 10 oz. bottle of Green Machine—higher than the woman’s daily maximum of 24g recommended by the American Heart Association, all in a single bottle!


My Pick for Bottled Green Juice Is: Suja

The pre-made food market in general uses HPP (or High Pressure Processing) to extend shelf-life by destroying pathogens while preserving the nutrients and enzymes. It gets pretty technical, but what this means is that most bottled juices use heat pasteurization to kill the bad bacteria—but also kills raw enzymes, minerals and vitamins (sort of defeats the purpose for drinking juice).

Suja takes a step around this process to give you an option as healthy as if you’d made it at home. They also use organic produce, which is especially important when juicing. 

Suja’s Twelve Essentials, for example, has 4g of sugar per serving (and is my personal favorite). When buying green juice, look for one made with organic produce that’s cold-pressed or uses HPP, and has sugar that’s on the lower end (10g or less per serving).


Kevita, My Other Favorite Drink

You might have heard of kombucha, but Kevita is totally different.  It’s made with coconut water and apple cider vinegar, so there’s no crazy “mother” on the bottom.  I also like the taste much better.  The Lime Mint Mojito is a great substitute for a soda or even a happy hour cocktail! ☺ And it has only 3g of sugar per serving.

So, the next time you find your energy faltering, I hope you’ll skip Starbucks and pick up a Suja or Kevita instead! You can find them at Natural Grocers in Clive or Whole Foods in West Des Moines.

To your best health!