Put yourself first to feel amazing!

What would putting yourself first look like? The kids are back in school and you finally have time for you. Something has to change, and that’s YOU. Here’s how I did it.

Why Your Salad Dressing Needs An Upgrade

We were in Italy…and everywhere we went there was, in fact, only ONE kind of salad dressing—the one you made yourself with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt they brought to you! After doing this a few times, I got to thinking…making other dressings from scratch can’t be that hard.

Why You Should Detox

Holiday weight gain sucks. I stepped on the scale a few days after the new year, and saw I’d gained 5lbs! I’ve tried just about every detox…but this is one I liked most. Here’s why…

Overnight Oats

I used to buy pre-mixed packets of oatmeal…and then I read the label. Trader Joe’s Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal has less “junk” in it than others, but with 14g of sugar per serving you consume more than half the 24g daily limit—at breakfast! So, what about making it yourself?

Wisdom From the Confidence Course

I was there for the Get Real Retreat, and the organizer clearly wanted to take us out of our comfort zone—with an obstacle course. We divided ourselves into two teams and hit the different stations…here’s what I learned.

Too Busy For Breakfast?

Unless I put food in front of him he won’t eat breakfast—he’ll even say he’s not hungry. That works for him, but if I ran out the door without eating some protein and fat I’d be inhaling doughnuts and M&M’s by 10am. Here’s how to make breakfast happen when you’re just so busy…