Boutique Coaching

You deserve more than being told by a health magazine to eat your veggies and to hit the elliptical three times a week. You deserve more than an impersonal email that tells you what food choices you should be making — along with hundreds of other people on the email chain. You deserve a personalized experience to health and wellness, because health and wellness is a personal part of your life.

I offer a variety of boutique coaching options that go beyond regular “health coaching” offerings. From intimate groups that meet in my home to meal plans we customize together to your and your family’s preferences, you’ll gain my undivided attention, my full know-how and the steps to a healthy lifestyle you crave.

Cooking & Nutrition Workshops

 We’ve got demonstration classes where you get to sit and relax and ask lots of questions or hands on workshops where we make sure you’re comfortable with a knife and get to try out other kitchen gadgets.  Both types are focused on making real food that we hope you’ll make again in your own kitchen.  To see what’s coming up in the next few months, check the events page. 

5-day Refresh 

Each season is a great time to add in a healthy habit.  The 5-day Refresh gives you the chance to experience what it looks and feels like to give your body foods that nourish it.  We’ll set you up with tasty recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.  You’ll get support and accountability from me and keep the conversation going in a private online Facebook group with like-minded women.  Check the calendar for the next Refresh!

One on One Coaching

You know you need to eat healthy, but aren’t sure how to go about it.  Whether you want help stocking your pantry with better options, or making healthy snacks and meals, I can tailor a program to give you the help you need.  Together we’ll organize a game plan for making healthy food in a way that fits into your busy life.  And I’ll make sure  your healthy food tastes good too:)

Duration: 4, 6 or 10 session packages

When: You schedule it!

How: Tools and techniques customized to you — motivation included!

Contact me for further information and to see if we’d be a good fit.