I Love Physical Challenges

Being an American Ninja Warrior will never be on my bucket list, but when I saw the Confidence Course at Camp Dodge I img_1165was pumped to test my abilities!  

I was there for the Get Real Retreat, led by Liz Nead, and she clearly wanted to take us out of our comfort zone—with this obstacle course. We divided ourselves into two teams and hit the different stations.  While I was super excited to climb and propel myself over hurdles, others on my team were hesitant.

The first obstacle, where you climbed over the high bar then under the low bar, was the hardest obstacle we were even allowed on (it was about leaving our comfort zones, after all, not hurting ourselves).  I’d planned to be the encourager ready to help my teammates, but when I tried to get over the high bar on my own, I quickly agreed to a lift from teammates in order complete the task.

It Was a Piece of Cake—Until the Stump Course

The next few obstacles were easy for me, so my confidence was soaring.
stumpcourseThen we got to the stump course where the objective was to get across a series of cut poles without falling.  I mistakenly thought it’d be easy and then lost my balance pretty dramatically towards the end.  After two more attempts (and falls), someone from my team offered assistance.  I think they held back offering any earlier, knowing how determined  I was to try it on my own. I was so close to getting through it on without help—but help was what I needed to finish the task.

Maybe it was the beautiful November day.  Or maybe it was getting a gigantic dose of fresh air.  It was like recess for adults, where we let down our guard and just played.  Giving help was easy. Accepting help was harder, but once I did I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do.  And it felt really, really good.

Isn’t life just like a big obstacle course?  We need each other for that little boost to get through tough spots. 

Where could you use a little boost from someone?  Will you readily accept help?  Take a chance and do it!  You’ll be glad you did.