I want to share my love of cooking with you. Whether it’s Asian food (that’s my jam) or just delicious healthy food you’re looking to make, my goal is to simplify it so you can make it in your own kitchen. We hold in-person classes as well as virtual ones.

Virtual classes

(up to 8 people)

You’re in charge of gathering the ingredients and making the dishes. Most recipes are for 4-6 people, but we can easily adjust recipes for 1-2 people. I provide guidance through a private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to interact with me as well as the others in the group. If Facebook is not your thing, I’ll keep you in the loop through email or text.

Classes are geared toward beginner cooks, with short videos to give you plenty of support over the week leading up to class. On the night of class, we’ll pull the meal together over Zoom, where you can get feedback from me. Class is no more than 60 minutes so you can hop off and enjoy the meal with your people. (Evening classes)

In-person classes

(up to 5 people)

We expedite the process and get many of the steps done for you so you can show up and learn the specific techniques. In the class we’ll make a meal for all of us to enjoy at the end. If it’s a Make & Take class, you sample the food and bring home a portion to share. Either way, we’ll have fun and eat lots of yummy food. Daytime classes only.

Private classes

Schedule your own class with people of your choosing. Make it a solo adventure or a girl’s gathering. Day or night spots available.

Dani is a cooking coach, foodie and adventure lover. She’s passionate about creating community around real food and providing a space to cook food with others. She’s a certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. More importantly, she’s a wife and mom of 5 kids with over 20 years of experience cooking for an active family. Dani believes food should taste good and cooking with others is not only fun, but it’s the secret to good health.

Lots of love and healthy eating!