Breakfast needs to be quick and easy, right?



This is my hubby’s weekday routine:

  1. Get the morning paper.
  2. Pour coffee (usually already made by me).
  3. Read the sports section.
  4. Start on the crossword puzzle.
  5. Visit the bathroom (coffee’s kickin’ in).
  6. Leave for work.

Notice something missing?  Unless I put food in front of him, he won’t eat breakfast because he says he’s not hungry.  That seems to work for him, but if I ran out the door without eating some protein and fat I’d be inhaling doughnuts and M&M’s by 10am!  That’s why I feel breakfast is so important.

“But weekdays are super busy,” you say.  I hear you, but with a little advanced planning, you can assemble a healthy breakfast ahead of time and pull it out each morning.  Eggs and veggies are a favorite combo of mine, and when made in the form of a muffin-shape, it’s even better because it’s portable!

Now, I know many people use egg whites because we’ve been made to believe they’re healthier than the whole egg.  I’d like to debunk that by citing some facts:

  • According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there’s no correlation between saturated fat and heart disease.  The journal came to this conclusion after analyzing the collected findings of 21 different studies.(1)
  • Egg yolks contain great nutrients, including: vitamin A (for skin), B vitamins (for energy), and choline (for brain health, muscles and healthy pregnancies).(1)
  • The saturated fat in yolks is also necessary for hormone production and the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals.(1)

Use the whole egg!  It’s easier and tastier, too. As Dr. Mark Hyman states in his book Eat Fat, Get Thin, “sugar, not fat, makes you fat.”

What would you put in your egg-and-veggie muffins?

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