Latest Past Events

Aloha Table Filipino Dinner

Des Moines IA

I'll be helping in the kitchen, but Chef Earvin Idio is creating this menu.  Pulling from his Filipino roots, the owner of Lumpia & Co. will create a menu highlighting his personal twist on traditional Filipino dishes.  You won't be able to get food like this anywhere in town! Here's what the menu looks like: […]


Chinese Buns & Dumplings -Make & Take

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

You'll learn how to make two kinds of dim sum and take some home to share. We'll make: Char Siu Bao - steamed buns filled with Chinese barbequed pork Jiaozi - noodle dumpling filled with pork, shrimp and Chinese cabbage We'll also talk about Chinese green vegetables, and you'll learn how to stir fry some […]


Make and Take – Burrito Bowls

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

Having a buffet of choices means everyone is happy (at least most of the time).  We'll have beef and chicken as animal protein options, plus Mexican rice, black beans, and all the fixings.  We'll even make our own tortillas so there's the option of tacos.  Of course, we'll also make dessert!