Aloha Table – Korean

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

This month we're firing up the grill and making Kalbi, marinated short ribs that are juicy and flavorful.  Korean chicken and lots of side dishes known as banchan, make this dinner one of my favorites!  Contact us if you want to join.  Limited to 12, so get in early to save your spot. $50 per […]


Kitchen Collage – Acai Bowls

kitchen Collage 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

Learn to make those yummy acai bowls yourself!  To join, sign up at


Aloha Table – Vietnamese

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

Loaded with fresh herbs like lemongrass, Thai basil and mint, Vietnamese food has distinctive flavors that make your mouth sing!  We'll have lemongrass beef, shrimp and lots of ingredients to roll your own summer rolls or assemble your pile of goodness however you want.  $50 per person or $90 for two.  Contact us if you […]


Aloha Table Plant-Based

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

Join us for a plant-based Asian feast!  This month's Aloha Table is going veggie!  Think beyond salad and enjoy your veggies in a rainbow of tasty dishes.  Think veggies can't fill you up?  Chef Maribeth Mulready will amaze you with dishes that use meaty mushrooms and tofu.  You'll leave full but not feeling heavy.  Even […]


Play with Heart Retreat

A day to take time for YOU. No guilt, no pressure. Find yourself in a safe and welcoming community of women who are looking for more out of life. What does it mean to "Play with Heart"?  Each of us gets to define what that means for us individually, but when women get into community, […]

Aloha Table Italian

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

We'll be focusing on Southern Italy and Puglia, where Burrata cheese, orecchiette (ear shaped pasta) and mussels are popular.  With chef Jerry Talerico at the helm, this Italian meal is going to be good. The menu hasn't been finalized, but know that we'll be taking advantage of the September harvest of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and […]


Air Fryer vs. Instant Pot

Waukee Library 950 Warrior Ln, Waukee

There are raving fans in both camps.  Those that love the Air Fryer and those that love the Instant Pot.  What are these appliances and what can you do with them?  We'll talk about the features of each, the pros and cons and demonstrate how to use them.  Plus there will be food samples, and […]

Chinese Small Plates

Des Moines IA

This month we have King Au - photographer, fabulous cook and native of Hong Kong - helping out in the kitchen.  We're featuring a menu of traditional Chinese dishes to give you a taste of some of our favorite foods.  We'll include dim sum like Jiaozi and shrimp balls, as well as a clear soup […]


Make and Take – Burrito Bowls

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

Having a buffet of choices means everyone is happy (at least most of the time).  We'll have beef and chicken as animal protein options, plus Mexican rice, black beans, and all the fixings.  We'll even make our own tortillas so there's the option of tacos.  Of course, we'll also make dessert!


Chinese Buns & Dumplings -Make & Take

Dani's Kitchen Foster Drive, Des Moines

You'll learn how to make two kinds of dim sum and take some home to share. We'll make: Char Siu Bao - steamed buns filled with Chinese barbequed pork Jiaozi - noodle dumpling filled with pork, shrimp and Chinese cabbage We'll also talk about Chinese green vegetables, and you'll learn how to stir fry some […]