Bye-bye lazy days of summer

The kids are back in school and I’ve finally got time for me.  I’m ready to get into a solid routine for Fall.  How about you? 

For years, I’d get excited at the start of the school year and commit to too many volunteer projects and sign my kids up for too many activities.  Soon enough I’d feel overwhelmed.  I had a habit of depending on coffee to get me going, sugar to KEEP me going, and an evening cocktail or two to help me unwind.  The problem was I couldn’t shut off my mind.

After several years of the same stuck cycle, I decided something had to change. I decided to do a triathlon.  Crazy, right?  It was a turning 40 sort of dream, but I wasn’t a swimmer (or much of a cyclist), so I had to put a lot of work into it.  After I made the commitment to do one, I scheduled in time to train and followed a plan.  

Triathlon training observations

What I realized over the 12 weeks I trained for my first triathlon was that I’d started to put myself first.  I had a goal to reach that pushed me out of my comfort zone.  There were lots of times I was uncomfortable, but I kept going.  I showed up for my workouts.  I focused on getting better food and drink into my body.  After working out so much, I was too tired for that glass of wine most nights and just went to bed.  And my mind shut off…

I’m not saying you should do a triathlon to boost your energy and happiness, but whatever it is that you want to accomplish will be so much more attainable and the process more pleasurable if you put yourself first.  Why? It’ll give you the motivation it takes to do the hard stuff.  You become your why — the reason it’s worth being temporarily uncomfortable.  You discover you have dreams and goals to accomplish and how you feel matters.  

Could putting yourself first be the secret ingredient?

We like the idea of looking younger, losing weight, and feeling amazing.  What we often don’t like is how long it takes. When you put yourself first and start lovingly caring for your body, you notice subtle changes along the way.  Self-care was never a part of my routine, but making myself a priority makes me thrive. The bonus to my triathlon training was that I lost fat, gained muscle and increased my energy, without even meaning to. Yay! 

So what is it that you want to accomplish?  What would putting yourself first look like? 

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xoxo, Dani