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Do any of these resonate with you?

  • It’s too time consuming to plan, shop and cook.
  • I don’t cook well.
  • My family complains about what I make.
  • No one will eat leftovers.
  • It’s too expensive to buy organic, grass-fed, etc.
  • We waste our fresh veggies.

The bottom line is if you want good health, you must make your own food.  Not all the time, but how much depends on your state of health.  When you start making food for yourself, you gain confidence in the kitchen and you can start using food as medicine!

When you get the food part down and aren’t stressing about what’s for dinner, good things start to happen.  You put the domino effect into action and naturally start adopting other good habits.  Before you know it, the small steps you take each day add up. In no time you’ll look back and see how much progress you’ve made toward being healthier, all without having to work so hard for it!

Good health starts with food.  I’m here to help take the stress out of food so you can lose weight and feel great without even having to think about it. 

Here’s my gift to you: A FREE Cook Healthy Now Session, where we’ll troubleshoot where you specifically are getting tripped up in the kitchen.  You’ll leave this session knowing how you can make your cooking easier, faster, more economical, tastier, and more fun!  Then you can start reaping the rewards of eating healthy every day.  Book a spot on my calendar here:

Dani created a warm, comfortable, peaceful atmosphere where I could express my insecurities and lack of experience in food preparation without being judged or criticized or ridiculed.  I learned some basic skills I didn’t know and she gave me a great foundation in a wide variety of areas and stayed true to clean, healthy, affordable ingredients.  I’m no longer afraid to try new things – even without a written recipe!

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