Meet Dani


Your Iowa health coach: A passion I always held inside

I completed my first triathlon at 40. Yes, that’s the one where you swim, bike, and run all in one day. I finished the race exhausted — but exhilarated and empowered. I wanted other moms to know this feeling, to feel that motivation for living a healthier life and the happiness that comes with it. I wanted to show other moms like me that they can do more than feed their families, they can nourish them.

I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and achieved my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification in 2015.

Now I use the knowledge from my training and 20-plus years of prepping healthy meals for my family, combined with a passion for taking care of the whole person, to coach women like you one-on-one and in groups (Yeah! Solidarity, my Iowa sister!).

Whether you’re already in the groove of health and wellness and looking for more support or just leaving the Iowa State Fair and deciding you need some serious food help, I’m here. We’ve got this, girl!

Who is this Dani Lin?

I’m a Hawaii girl living among the changing seasons and corn fields. I left Hawaii and landed in Iowa with the promise of snow and a college education. Little did I know I’d meet my future husband a few months after arriving! Together we have five kids and have put down roots in Iowa. I’m a health and wellness coach who’s excited to support you.

When we get together to talk health and wellness, I’d love to hear all about your family. But be prepared to switch gears because we’re going to focus on you and your goals. You deserve to be your best!

My philosophy

I’ll share a secret with you: You are already fabulous. You may know it, or you may not, but I’ll help you feel it and look it. All you need are the right tools.

The foods that feed our souls feed our health and wellbeing. They keep us bright and bold and energized. I encourage feeding our souls not only with fresh whole foods but with healthy relationships, a sense of purpose, physical movement and a spiritual practice. I’ll introduce you to healthy routines you can incorporate into your day. I’ll equip you with tools for a healthier life — the one where you’ll feel and look your best — and will help you practice those tools so you can be self-sufficient.