Dani created a warm, comfortable, peaceful atmosphere where I could express my insecurities and lack of experience in food preparation without being judged or criticized or ridiculed.  I learned some basic skills I didn’t know and she gave me a great...

Stress Free Meals Talk 2

Great atmosphere.  Liked the way she asked questions and everyone had a chance to answer.  It wasn’t just her giving the answers.  Everyone’s input was very helpful.  She had great experience as a stay-at-home mom who looked for a...


I enjoyed learning about some new healthier ingredients that I can try at home.  Dani has a nice way of teaching.  Good class. Thank you!


The Aloha Table was really awesome.  The signature cocktail was awesome.  The food was phenomenal.  Making the SPAM musubi was energizing, picture-worthy, fun, lively, right on!