Dani created a warm, comfortable, peaceful atmosphere where I could express my insecurities and lack of experience in food preparation without being judged or criticized or ridiculed.  I learned some basic skills I didn’t know and she gave me a great foundation in a wide variety of areas and stayed true to clean, healthy, affordable ingredients.  I’m no longer afraid to try new things – even without a written recipe!


Great atmosphere.  Liked the way she asked questions and everyone had a chance to answer.  It wasn’t just her giving the answers.  Everyone’s input was very helpful.  She had great experience as a stay-at-home mom who looked for a healthy path for her and her family.  I like how she went about it.  She’s taken nutrition classes and is now sharing her knowledge with us.

Stress Free Meals Talk 2

I enjoyed learning about some new healthier ingredients that I can try at home.  Dani has a nice way of teaching.  Good class. Thank you!


The Aloha Table was really awesome.  The signature cocktail was awesome.  The food was phenomenal.  Making the SPAM musubi was energizing, picture-worthy, fun, lively, right on!


Thanks for the lovely & meaningful evening!


What a lovely gathering!  The food was all quite delicious and we even had Paleo dumplings to go along with the traditional ones.  And most importantly, holding true to Dani’s vision for the dinners, the people were the best part.


We enjoyed a tremendous dinner and great company. The Aloha Table concept is really unique and frankly, it was the best evening we’ve had in some time.

Lon & Jodi

Balance is key! Dani shows you how your mental, physical, and nutritional health are interconnected. Very eye opening and when this makes sense it’s easy to make the changes in your daily life.

TamiPrivate Coaching

It was such great information I learned about new healthy foods and where to buy them. When the women in my group shared info and recipes that really helped. Dani is an amazing cook and full of great information!

PatBook Group

I learned many things about nutrition and health that I didn’t know by being in the group…that surprised me! The food sampling was delicious and helped me become more experimental with my cooking. I’m thankful for the new knowledge.

CindyBook Group