Work With Me

You want to eat healthy, but you’re not sure what that looks like and how the heck do you do that on a daily basis?  The term “healthy food” doesn’t excite most people, but I’m here to show you that food can be both healthy and tasty!  Food is a powerful weapon for wellness – the right foods will make you feel great and gathering for a meal connects us with others, both at home and in our communities.  Let me show you how to harness the power of food so you can feel your best.

Sustainable Change

Changing our routine can be hard.  But small changes made over time often yield the best result. Whether you need basic cooking skills or you want to learn how to make gut healing foods, we’ve got you covered.  We give you time one-on-one in the kitchen with Dani or with a small group of women.  It’s all about showing you HOW to make healthy and tasty food and giving you opportunities to make and take healthy meals.


Ranging from showing you how to use an Instant Pot or Air Fryer, to talking about practical ways to improve digestion (and therefore have more energy),  we provide an interactive workshop with a food demo so everyone gets to taste something yummy and healthy! 

Food + Community

Are your best memories around food?  People love food, but unless it’s a big superbowl party, gathering in someone’s home for a meal rarely happens today.

Here’s your chance to slow down, enjoy a great meal and connect with people. Make it a date night with your partner or grab a friend or two and come with an open heart and a good appetite!