Summer Refresh

Summer is made for carefree living and drinks with friends, right?  Counteract all that fun with just 5 days of clean eating to reset eating habits.  You’ll feel great and this handbook will give you tools.  Join us live July 19-23 for coaching or do it on your own.

Private Classes

Interested in learning to roll sushi or make Pad Thai?  Inquire about private in-person cooking classes for groups as small as 4.

 Private Coaching

One week you cook up a storm, the next week is packed with convenience foods. You want to eat healthily but you don’t know how to do it in a sustainable way.  I can help with that!


Join the conversation in the Energy & Vitality for Women 40+ Facebook Group where we’re talking about things that impact YOU and your health.

It’s never too late to start taking care of our bodies. It sounds simple, but when we connect with others over a meal, we nourish not only our bodies but also our minds.  Learn how you can use food to boost your energy and clear your thinking.

Family Style Dumplings

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Adventures in Puglia

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What guests are saying about The Aloha Table:


Fun Date Night!

The Korean popup dinner was very fun and something unique we wouldn’t have normally gotten to experience for date night. The food was fantastic!

-Lisa B.


Energizing Evening

The Aloha Table dinner was really awesome. The signature cocktail was awesome. The food was phenomenal. Making the SPAM musubi was energizing, picture-worthy, fun, lively, right on!

-Beth M.


Great People

What a lovely gathering! The food was all quite delicious and we even had Paleo dumplings to go along with the traditional ones. And most importantly, holding true to Dani’s vision for the dinners, the people were the best part.

-Chris L.

Dani is a cooking coach, foodie, and adventure lover. She’s passionate about creating community around real food and providing a space to cook food with others. As a 50-something woman, she’s done lots of things and spent over half her life playing with her food. Dani believes cooking with others is not only FUN, but it’s the secret to good health!

Lots of love and aloha-