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Feel younger and you’ll look younger. Eat healthier and you’ll live healthier. It’s about living life abundantly. Join me for customized one-on-one coaching or to experience a group of women like you for inspiration and solidarity.

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Hawaii girl turned Iowa woman.
Wife.  Mom of five. Triathlete.
I’m here to show you how awesome you already are and equip you with the right tools to live your healthiest life – even in this fast food world!


It was such great information I learned about new healthy foods and where to buy them. When the women in my group shared info and recipes that really helped. Dani is an amazing cook and full of great information!
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Bye-bye lazy days of summer The kids are back in school and I've finally got time for me.  I'm ready to get into a solid routine for Fall.  How about you?  For years, I'd get excited at the start of the school year and commit to too many volunteer projects and sign my...

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Dani Lin Wellness

1 day 9 hours ago

This time of the year, it's tricky to eat healthy. So, unless you're going to hide under a rock this holiday season, you'll want to navigate them with a good strategy in place. I don't plan to hide away and avoid all the goodies this season, and I don’t expect you to either. So, with you in mind, I've created a special treat that won’t add any calories to your hips. My food temptation toolkit is full of tips and tricks, and even some recipes to help you navigate the holidays so that you can experience healthy eating and enjoy…

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Dani Lin Wellness

1 week 3 hours ago

I’m visiting family on Oahu and my buddy Sara Lumeng took me surfing and then we had lunch at Fresh Catch. Fried fish is not something you’d call healthy, but the katsu ahi (translation: panko crusted fried tuna) was delicious. I enjoyed it for lunch and had the leftovers for breakfast! The point is there’s room for all kinds of food in a healthy diet. Healthy eating is not an all or nothing kind of deal. Food should be enjoyed, and it’s best when you have it with friends. Thank you Sara for taking me surfing and introducing me to…